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November 30, 2017

One of the challenges we face in seeking happiness is our perception of those involved in our governance.  As the motivations and schemes of political leaders collide with reported fact, we may experience pain beyond the usual hurt of observing someone we do not favor dismantle structures in which we believe.  So how do we cultivate well being in such a milieu?


As exciting as it is to decry the latest misdeeds of those we despise; if we despise those who encourage us to despise others, we are missing the opportunity to see some humanity in their motivation. In other words, we have become just like what we despise. There is some reason people gravitate to demagogues; I wonder whether we don’t need to find a language inclusive enough so perhaps they don’t feel the impulse to vote for them again.  It is probably not helpful to accuse them of lack of principle.


The provisional suspension of a principle to promote a perceived proliferation of the principle is one of the tools in the human quiver. Like the universe itself, one’s concept of the good is hard to tease from one’s vantage point. To other sentient beings, the very principles we reserve for creatures who share our characteristics might appear to be a mere ideology justifying rapaciousness.


One of the problems with declaiming lack of principle in others is whether we are describing psychology or whether we claim a principle to exist outside of those who hold it. The question arises, are principles a way of describing behavior, an attempt to superimpose a certain coherence on a multivariable dynamic universe?  The business of killing, for instance, seems to arise from descent with modification.  If we say it is wrong to kill, but then kill sentient beings, are we deceiving ourselves in some way?  If we pan back far enough in our concept of the universe so as to embrace those with whom we disagree, we may see that self deception is not something that some of us get to transcend.


An inclusive view of our fellows may help to lessen some of the pain of political loss; and, so, make us happier.